Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) is very essential to online businesses. It helps entrepreneurs optimize their websites for search engine results. SEO has its special requirements and it is often demanding. The main benefit of SEO is that it’s cost effective. However, these are some of the disadvantages of SEO.

It Doesn’t Guarantee Results

SEO is a unique technical juggle because it doesn’t guarantee results. Although the effectiveness may depend on the expertise of specialists, in the long run, it is up to search engines to make the page ranks. The search engines are governed by the policies of their parent companies. And so, depending on the tactics you use, the results are very varied. In a worst case scenario, there may be no effects at all.

You’ll Need Trained Writers

Search engine optimization content cannot be developed by everybody who calls themselves a writer. It takes a trained hand to write proper content. Now, the training is an expense, and if one pays up for a number of writers, it can really get expensive. The consequences of not training the writer would be frequent disappointments which hamper the output in the long run. The articles also need to be decorated with keywords. But placing keywords is a careful activity because an overuse or unnatural placement can attract penalties. The search engines seem to tell apart unnatural placements.

Increased Spam

The immediate result of a boost in page rank is high traffic. When a website ranks high, it generally receives more traffic. Well, in the high page ranks, a website is exposed to more harmful activities like spam. They may originate from other websites or entities with agendas to sell you things or they may be agents of software viruses. But in order to protect your website, you’ll need to put in place more protective measures, e.g. spyware hunters, which of course come at a high cost.

Delayed Results

An online entrepreneur first needs to be popular before they can see quick results. But still, SEO results come pretty slowly. All of the combined activities may be large tasks that demand devotion and persistence. But the results still don’t come quickly. This may lead to the consultants feeling disenchanted about work. Since the responsibilities of online work are enormous, the delay really comes as a disappointment.

Excessive Maintenance

SEO is a very demanding process. Even when your website receives a boost in page rank, still you have to put in more work. There are many websites in your niche that compete for the top position, and if you slack, your competitors will overtake you. These necessitates being always active and building the website and feeding it content always. This nature of SEO does eventually wear out entrepreneurs.

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5 Things to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingThe world of advertising and marketing has greatly changed in the last decade. Long ago, the best method for marketing was through forums and one on one sale and marketing techniques. But in this digitalized generation, you do not have to meet with your customer face to face. All you need is to connect to potential customer with quality content about you r products on social media sites.

1 Importance of social media advertising

Social media marketing plays a major role when it comes to making for large sales. If you have noticed, there is no business whether big or small that does not have social media platform to advertise their brand. If you take close look at large enterprises such as banks to small retailers, they both are in dire need of gaining popularity in the social media. Even though social media marketing has proved to win many clients and acts as a platform to connect with customer, it can be very frustrating when wrongly done. The following are things that you avoid when marketing on social media.

2 Avoid excessive advertisement

If you spend many hours on social media platforms directly trying to advertise and promote your product or service, people will start getting bored with you. Furthermore, there is a high chance of doubting something that is being over praised. In addition, good products are known to sell without extreme adverts. Therefore, you should only engage in important conversations and contents that will develop huge traffic.

3 Do not ignore any client

Many beginners in social media advertising generally focus on huge traffic and do not give attention to small potential client. For this reason, many have ignored customers who have made quests. The journey of having a huge traffic starts with a few followers. Therefore, you should not ignore any customer but make sure you attend to him/her as quick as possible.

4 Do not be automated

The key principle of social media marketing is investing your time and be readily available. Do not put up resourceful information then disappear, make sure you make yourself available to see how it will trend. Participation in conversations on your content makes the audience acknowledge your presence and see that your company is customer oriented. When you disappear for weeks, your audience may think that you are automated and your company is no real deal.

5 Reciprocate in others conversations

It is very offensive when a person or brand keeps your conversation alive through likes and comments then you fail to reciprocate the same to them. Therefore, you should take time to participate in other people conversation as a sign of appreciation. In cases where you have many followers, try to engage as many as possible or generally send them a thankful text to show them that you appreciate their participation.

Graphic Design – Tips to Hire an Expert

graphic design

Selecting a professional graphic design expert is not a difficult task to do; however, this does not imply you do the work in a hurry. You have to take your time. If your business requires internet presence, then a website is important to achieve your objectives. For this reason, you should ensure you have perfectly designed webpages which is capable of giving you credible reputation on the web hence bringing you good returns. Therefore, you have to choose carefully the kind of service provider you want to hire. In order to get this done, there are points you need to take into account.


This is probably the first thing you need to inquire from them. How long have they been operating in this field? If the service provider has been working for a long time in the business, the experience levels are high meaning you will get good designs from them. A firm or individual with over five to ten years in this industry may do a good job for you. There is no doubt that someone who has the ability to do something can produce something excellent. Experienced hands are far much better if you want to get the kind of results you want.

Previous Sites Created

Before you can engage any firm, ensure you look at their past projects. There are people who have been in the business for a long time but the amount of work done is less or do shoddy work. This makes it dangerous to work with them. It may also occur that their recent job as done years ago. With that, you should not expect proficient work from this kind of firm. The operator should show you working websites that are running so that you can gauge their expertise.

Check Whether the Firm has the Kind of Experts You Want

Technology in use is important since it will determine how good the final piece will be. Therefore, ask the kind of tools the organization intends to use. If you notice any sort of limitations in technology, then the work will not be up to standard. Make sure you don’t ignore this point.


Any company you contract should be willing to be tested. As a result, ensure you can check if the company has the capacity to do the job expected of it and has channels in which you can examine them. You need to understand all they will offer you. If the firm does not have any interest in making you understand this, you should stay away from them.

Warranty and Licensing

Warranty is important if the web design company is serious in their line of work. Therefore, you should ask for it from the service provider. Another essential issue you must confirm is whether the firm is licensed and registered to offer this kind of services. This will prove the organization is reputable and honest in their services.